Caps with internal thread Parts

Short Description:


• Internal thread mold

• Unscrewing system

• Injecting flow system

• All cavities to be compatible

• Multi-cavity precision molds

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The caps in the pictures are made from same mold.

The mold is an 8-cavity tool with unscrewing system which made it getting quite considerable in size.

For this 8-cavity mold of caps with thread inside, the most difficult points:

– unscrewing system for the internal thread.

– injecting flow system to be in balance.

– all 8-cavity parts must be compatible with no difference.

A) Unscrewing / unwinding system for the internal thread

For most of caps, it is good to knock out the internal thread by force or so called by jump because most of caps’ threads are usually only around 0.2mm. But for this cap, the internal-thread are with more than 1mm depth in many circles, it is impossible to eject them out by jump. We have built this tool by unwinding / unscrewing system driven by AHP cylinders. Countless simulation was made during mold designing stage, to make sure they system was perfectly designed.

B) Injecting flow system in balance

At the very beginning, we had made very detailed mold flow analysis. We used Mold-Masters valve pin hot nozzles for this tool. All the injection related plates and inserts are all machined in Makino high-speed CNC and GF AgieCharmil low-speed wire-cutting and EDM processing. All of these plates and inserts are 100% fully checked to make sure in tight tolerance.

C) All cavities to be compatible

By using the highly advanced machines for processing and well controlled super tight tolerance, we make sure all the inserts are compatible to each cavity and each part. But we still will make very clear marks on each inserts, component, cavity, strictly according to 3D tool design drawing. Meanwhile, we also make spare inserts for customer so they can have it to prevent delay on mass production even years after mold shipping.

Multi-cavity precision molds has been one of our biggest strength. We would like to discuss more with your team if you are interested!

Since the development and innovation of CCD checking system from our Vision Technology department, for most of multi-cavity precision molds we would custom design and build a CCD checking system to help check plastic flow, mold function, part quality like colors and dimension. This has significantly improved molding production quality and efficiency!

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