Damper automatic assembly machine for Mercedes Benz

Short Description:

This is a full intelligent automation assemble machine for damper component of Mercedes-Benz car.

The machine works fully automatically from damper assembly, function testing to packing of the final assembled parts. There are totally more than 300 stations to assemble totally more than 60components.

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Below is a brief description of the working procedure of the machine:

Automatically upload the components –> automatically assemble all the components one by one and step by step –> automatically checking and inspecting the components –> automatically function testing –> automatically packing.


There will be big new development opportunities for automation industry after pandemic

In recent years, under the guidance of industrial structure optimization policies, China’s industrial structure has gradually become more reasonable, and the driving effect of new kinetic energy has gradually emerged. In the industrial automation market in 2019, the overall automation market in the PA field (open CNC system based on PC technology) is better than the FA field (factory automation). Petrochemical, metallurgy, construction machinery and other industries performed well, leading the market. In contrast, the automation needs of electronics, automobiles, thermal power, machine tools and other industries are still hovering at the bottom.

In 2020, affected by the epidemic, companies need to “stop the decline and keep stabilize” in time, which may usher in a “small spring” in the market. The short-term suppression of demand in the automation market in the first quarter and policy dividends in the later period may trigger a market recovery in the second half of the year. As the epidemic improves, it is expected to recover steadily in the second half of the year. In addition, after this epidemic, for industries that still rely heavily on labor or are in the process of upgrading, how to improve equipment intelligence/flexibility, and improve the industrial Internet architecture will gradually receive attention from the enterprise side. It can be seen that after the epidemic, China’s automation industry welcomes a new round of development opportunities.

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