Gasoline filling-gun housing parts

Short Description:

Gasoline filling-gun

• Clean way fuel fill

• Two parts is about 3-kgs

• Material PC+GF

• DME standard

• To be sonic-welded

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In the picture is a housing for “clean way fuel fill” gasoline filling gun. The part is strong with very neat and clean surface.

Tool is 1+1 with total weight of the 2 parts is about 3-kgs. The material for the housing is PC+GF so additional attention for flow is required. The internal ribs are very deep so filling and venting are both critical.

The mold was shipped to the USA. All the standard components are DME standard so customer can have replaceable components easily.

PC+GF needs very high temperature in mold for molding, so the tool must be in hard with steel of heat-treatment. Before starting, a very detailed mold-flow analysis on plastic flow, part deformation and air trapping are required especially when considering the long-ribs inside of the housing.

The fitting between 2 parts is critical to ensure and they are to be sonic-welded, no fuel leaking is allowed after assemble. So the deformation of both part must be strictly controlled.

In these 2 parts, sufficient venting is super important. For all the long ribs inside part, we made sub inserts from porous steel so that there are no air trapping issue even after thousands of or millions of parts produced in long term.

When shipping tools abroad, we usually will provide below information together:

– Final part drawings in 2D, 3D + final mold design drawing in 2D and 3D with detailed BOM list included.

– EDM programming

– Mold test videos and pictures + molding parameters; samples FAI reports

– Measurement report for final core, cavity and critical sub inserts.

– Finish electrodes in case customer need do engineering change.

– For some tools especially for complex molds and multi-cavity tools, we would provide additional spare inserts / parts

If customers have special requirement for the shipping documents, we would strictly follow as well.

All the tools we shipped, we can provide post service for mold change or engineering change.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you need our service or have technical issues want to discuss with us!

DT-TotalSolutions provide 7days*24hours service!

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