Mold of collapsible-core with sliders insert

Short Description:

• Pipe line connector

• Engineering materials PA6+50%GF

• Sufficient pilot run

• Thickness and the thread

• CCD system to check

• Collapsible-core with slider’s insert

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This is a pipe line connector of Triplet mold or Tee mold or so called Tee-Joint mold we built for Plasson. The part is molded from PA6+50%GF. It is one of a typical Triplet mold / Tee mold for pipe line connectors. During the past 10years, we had design and built hundreds of Tee molds.

This project was quite successfully delivered in as short lead time as to 7weeks from PO releasing. Because the 1st shot was successful and the T1 samples was approved from customer. But as our routine, every mold before shipping we would do final test with sufficient simulation run on injection molding machine. For this tool, we had made 2hours running with plastic and 2hours without plastic(dry-run) before shipping. This is to maximally make sure our tool can run stably and continuously without any issue. This is how we had gain good trust from Plasson since 10years cooperation.

The key point for this part is the part thickness and the thread on both end. From the mold flow report, you can find out that the thickest area reaches to almost 15mm. This is way too thick for general injection molding parts.

We had to pay much additional attention to potential issues during design phase:

— severe sink mark on part surface

— shot run on the part

— part burning due to air trapping

— part deformation

— thread accuracy

We made mold flow analysis especially for the plastic flow and air trapping issue, welding lines which will affect part strength, part injection position and injection size, part deformation. Based on the detailed mold-flow report, we had specially paid attention to those potential issues while doing mold design with optimized gate position and gate size, best cooling system, sufficient venting channel and sub inserts for better venting. When building the tool, we had planned most suitable machining solution for each components. Graphite electrodes are used and for the thickest area and the ribs area, we made sufficient sub-inserts in Porous steel to optimize plastic flow and avoid air-trapping issue.

During tooling cycle phase, we always provide weekly processing report punctually. All the weekly processing report we included detailed machining pictures during the week with the most detailed processing details shown. In case any pop-up issues, we always keep our customers well informed. We always take trust and honest as the basis of our cooperation with customers, so we always keep our customers knows where we are standing every time.

DT-TotalSolutions has been keeping improving our quality and service. Now all of our molds we suggest our customer to install a mold monitor system originally designed by our VISION Technology department. By installing the system, can help to sense the mold movement function if any movement not in position the CCD system will send signal to the molding machine to call for technician people to check; also the CCD system can help to check part quality in aspects of dimension, part color, part defections, this can help to ensure parts production quality stay at a stable level.

Contact us at any time to discuss more about your Tee molds projects! We will be at your side for support all the time!

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