Soldering tin machine

Short Description:

This is a double Y-axis table full automation soldering machine.

It is compatible for dotted lines from 0.2-3.0mm.

The tolerance can be +/-0.01mm.

The soldering head is self-clean with instant temperature make up to ensure soldering quality.

The machine can contain to 999 different processes.

You can contact us for more details about the machine.

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Advantages of our soldering machine:

1. programme are modualized, it is easy for maintenance swiftly.

2. it supports multipule tin send module which can be quickly added according to application needs;

4. It has an editable control system with high power of 400W

5. The programming system is flexible to meet diversified customer needs;

6. Both the cleaning cycle time and the reset cycle time can be flexibly set;

7. It has full visual scanning system that can be replayed, this makes setting on the machine more easier;

8. it has built-in panoramic scanning function

9. this machine can include EMS system;

10. The solder jittering function makes the soldering faster;

11. It has real-time temperature monitoring system.

12. It has anti-collision function to reduce product damage rate;

More information about the machine is available upon request!

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