Winding machine for inductive

Short Description:

This is an OEM automation machine for multiple head winding. So it can be customized as per customer’s requests.

It is a machine compatible for wires with various dimension from 0.6-2.0mm, maximally it can be as much as 10heads at a time.

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The working procedure of this machine is as below:

1) Automatically Wire feeding

2) Automatically grooming the wire by pulling the wires straight before cutting

3) Automatically cutting the wire

4) Automatically wind the wire (copper wire). The wire can be in different dimensions between 0.6mm to 2.0mm, and the winding head can be as much as to 10heads

5) Automatically peeling the copper cover by laser before welding

6) Automatically pin-welding on the electronic rod with copper

7) Automatically cutting the welded wire

8) Automatically release the finish winded-wire

Each of the above procedure has precisely CCD checking system to make sure every step correct and ensure the quality.

This machine can help to increase working efficiency by more than 10times than hand made at a very minimum NG rate. It is a one time input for long term production profit.

More information about the machine and our service is available upon request!

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