Follow the applicability of precision technology

Precision ceramics are used in electronic information, aerospace, new energy, semiconductor, machinery, industrial equipment, consumer electronics and other fields.

Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Good thermal shock characteristics.

Excellent electrical insulation.

Ideal heat dissipation material for electrical and electronic applications.

An extremely hard material.

Super wear resistance.

Common fields: electronic components, heat sink, turbine blade, etc.

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Zirconia Ceramics

Low thermal conductivity, Good chemical properties.

Good thermal stability and high temperature creep.

It has good stability to acids, bases and alkali melts, glass melts and molten metals.

Stable zirconia has low hardness, low brittleness and high fracture toughness.

Zirconia oxygen sensor has high accuracy of oxygen measurement and good stability at high temperature.

Detection of oxygen content in exhaust emissions of internal energy machine.

It can be used as refractory, high temperature structural material, biological material and electronic material.

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Zirconia Ceramics (1)
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Alumina Ceramics

Good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance.

Meet the needs of daily use and special performance.

The content of Al2O3 in ceramic system is above 99.9%.

It can be used as integrated circuit base board and high frequency insulation material.

Its light transmittance and alkali metal corrosion resistance can be used as sodium lamp tube.

Ceramic bearings, ceramic seals, water valves and electric vacuum devices.

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Silicon Carbide Ceramics

Excellent mechanical properties, excellent oxidation resistance.

High wear resistance and low friction coefficient.

Resistance to high strength.

Working temperature can reach 1600 ~ 1700 degrees Celsius.

Heat conduction is also high.

Widely used in high temperature bearings, bulletproof panels, nozzles, high temperature corrosion resistant parts and high temperature and high frequency electronic equipment parts and other field.

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