Pursuit of high quality metal products

Stamping Die

Progressing stamping is the most efficient stamping solution which can ensure both production output and quality.

There can be several sets of stamping parts which is combined by different parts in different shapes produced from progressive stamping.

For long time, how to inspect the part quality has been a big challenge, untill when we use our vision technology and install CCD system to the progressive stamping.

The system is combines function of quality checking including for part shape, dimension inspecting, part appearance checking.

Stamping Die (1)
Stamping Die (2)
Stamping Die (3)
Stamping Die (4)
Stamping Die (5)
Stamping Die (6)

Die Casting

No matter you are looking for die casting parts made from Alu, Zinc, or Mg, we can provide you our top quality service with reasonable budget.

For some die casting parts requiring secondary processing machining like hole drilling, de-burring and plating, we can provide you the one-stop service. This is the traditional die-casting solution.

To save die casting production cost, multi-slider die casting mold is a best solution. For parts from multi-slider die casting mold, there’s no need additional job for de-buring nor polish on part surface.

These 2 steps can save you free from huge labor cost. The total casting cycle time can be as short as less than 10seconds.

Together we usually provide to make de-gating cutting tool + automation line, in this way you can set de-gating by the cutting tool and the automation line almost completely free of manpower for you to get the final parts.

Die casting mold-6
Die casting mold-3
Die casting mold-1
Die casting mold-4
Die casting mold-2
Die casting mold-5

Investment Casting

Investment casting is a good solution for stainless steel products casting production, for examples for parts made from 403SS and 316SS, etc.

This is an old metal casting solution developed from sand casting. The total production procedure is very long and slow.

It usually takes about a month and a half for one production batch. After making molds from Alu. or from steel, wax mold is also needed.

The disadvantage of this solution are: low output in short term, need long time to fulfill total procedure; part dimension is much less in tolerance comparing to plastic injection and die-casting because till now there are many procedures are still made by hand with very heavy manpower required; some features cannot be formed and can be only made from secondary processing like milling, drilling or polishing.

Investment casting (1)
Investment casting (4)
Investment casting (2)
Investment casting (5)
Investment casting (3)
Investment casting (6)