Product Research Center

Develop products and sound for customers
We pursue health and products that impress the customers.
DT-TOTALSOLUTIONS, to fulfill the core value of its motto, Creative & Life, is a research center that develops R&D production innovations and health campaign that will become the paradigm of health technology in the future.
  • Software Development

  • DT product System Control, Sensor signal processing Software Development

    AI Solution, sports Field, Industrial control field, Health field

    NFC transmission, Bluetooth Device Connectivity, ANT+, GPS

    Factory Mode Jig Program

    Development of applications for Android&IOS platforms for convenient functions such as remote control

    Development of tools based on. Net Framework for ease of development such as debugging

  • app-002
  • SW-001
  • SW-006
  • Circuit Diagram

  • Design of PCB using the Cadence CAD System

    Measurement and performance improvement

    ESD standard test

    ANT+, NFC, GPS debugging

  • circuit-04
  • circuit-007
  • circuit-002
  • Mechanical Development

  • Development Design of structure/exterior of equipment

    such as Personal Health product, intelligence appliance,

    Smart wearables, automatic assembly line etc.

    Provides comprehensive services of product development ranging from casting of mold to production of the end product.

    Development of system design

    Structure suitable for the characteristics of product.

    Decrease of costs to customer

    Spreading of developmental risks to benefit the customer.

  • MAC-005
  • MAC-006
  • MAC-001

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