After a century, can the rise of electric scooter create a new history

In recent years, with the aggravation of traffic congestion in big cities, the popularity of subway and the rise of driving agency industry, the demand for short distance walking is growing rapidly, and various kinds of walking tools emerge as the times require, and the electric scooter also appears in people’s vision once again.

Electric scooter is based on the design idea of traditional scooter, which is upgraded on the basis of human scooter. The battery, motor, light and other components are added to the scooter. At the same time, the wheel, brake, frame and other structures are upgraded, thus the electric scooter products are derived.

The electric scooter is beautiful, light and flexible, time-saving and labor-saving, easy to carry, energy saving, fast charging and long range capacity.

It has been favored by vegetable buyers, office workers, and “Valet drivers”, especially by many young people. In many cities, electric scooters have almost become the standard configuration for Valet drivers.

On the way to work in the morning, I see a lot of people buying vegetables every day. They have a small cart and put the vegetables in the car. It’s very convenient. So the problem is.

From the residential area to the vegetable market, it’s not far or near. It’s 1-2 kilometers back and forth. Some people say it’s time to walk! It’s better to be closer. It’s very tired to pull the car farther away.

I often see a lot of people on the Internet saying that they are rushing to buy their own vegetables, and the trunk is full of turnips and cabbages. If you don’t tell me, I would think that all the masters who buy vegetables in the market are rushing.

Just talking about the distance, it’s hard to get in when you drive from home to the vegetable market. You have to find a place to park. When you’re finished buying vegetables, you have to move so many vegetables to the car. When you get home, you can move from the garage and the parking space in the community to the house. This shopping trip is quite physical!

I often cook at home. I usually cook with three or five friends at night. I can eat three or five days at a time. No matter how good the preservation function of the refrigerator is, it’s not omnipotent! The vegetables and fruits have been kept for a long time, and they are not as fresh as when they were bought.

Some people say why not ride bike sharing? In Shenzhen, rectification is very strict. Many places do not have them. Some bicycles have been abandoned.

What kind of bike do you want, electric scooter? When it comes to use, you can do anything from daily shopping, commuting to work, traveling on holidays.

For those who like to enjoy life, patinete electric scooter is absolutely a very suitable choice to add more fun to life.

The appearance is fashionable and simple. The powder spraying process of the whole body makes the texture more prominent. The large diameter explosion-proof honeycomb tire is equipped with no inflation. The aviation grade aluminum alloy frame has a maximum load of 200kg, fast charging and super long endurance of 125km. The double braking system is safer, and the portable folding design makes it easy to load into the trunk of the private car.

For the office workers, there are too many people on the subway, and it’s too slow to take the bus. Some people have to walk 3-5 minutes after taking the subway, which makes the short commute very troublesome.

Haibadz electric scooter is an upgraded version of patinete. It has super large explosion-proof honeycomb tires, super long 40km and better endurance. It can switch the second gear power at will. It can also buy additional seats to enhance the riding comfort.

It can not only improve the efficiency of commuting, but also reduce the fatigue of the working day.

Post time: May-27-2021