CCD standard machine

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DT-TotalSolutions has built standard CCD system machine for plastic injection molding.

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By using this machine, it can help you to monitor the mold function during mass production. For example, it can sense that whether the part is sticking in mold before mold closing, or whether the sliders and lifters are back to position before mold closing, or whether the sliders and lifters are withdrew before mold opening… all the potential molding issues, you name it, the CCD machine can monitor it by giving signal to the molding machine to stop running and giving you the alarm to check and fix.

It’s like you have put eyes inside mold during molding to help you protect the mold. This machine is compatible for most of the plastic injection molds. You can call it as mold eye or cavity eye!

We can also help you to design and make your own CCD system machine specifically as per your request from project to project!


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