Hot water pipe low-frequency spinning machine for Nestle coffee machine

Short Description:

This is the machine to form pipes for Nestle coffee machine by low-frequency spinning.

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The working process is as below:

1) Automatically spinning to form the pipe driven by low-frequency.

2) Automatically de-burring

3) Automatically check and inspect whether the pipes are with through hole, as the pipes are for coffee machine hot water

4) Automatically release and discharge the pipes accordingly: good pipes are to be released for using; NG pipes will be discharged accordingly


2021FA factory automation industry development prospects and investment trend forecast

With the gradual realization of the strategic goals of the “Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020)”, the industrial automation control industry, as an important part of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, is expected to usher in good development opportunities. At present, China’s robots and artificial intelligence are heating up, and the trend of industrial automation is becoming more and more fierce. At present, factory automation has gradually replaced the centralized factory management system.

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