Internal thread mold

Short Description:

• Material PA66+33GF plastic

• Collapse core internal thread feature

• Tee-Joint mold

• High-speed CNC machine

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This is a PA66+33GF plastic part with considerable internal thread feature. So the key point of this tool is how to release the part from mold successfully without any issue in long term while producing millions of parts.

To help demold the internal thread, we were using collapse core or so called moveable core or return core. This is a quite popular technology widely used in making Tee-Joint mold of pipe line connectors and for cap molds. These collapse core were made from high hardness steel milled by high-speed-CNC machine and coated in DLC to increasing the duration of friction.

Collapse core, or so called moveable core or return core is a technology widely used in helping forming special features that is hard to demold. It requires super tight tolerance machining reaches to +/-0.001mm. The core looks like a solid one after it was returned and helping the formed part to be demolded, but after opening it helps forming the required feature. This is the basic theory how it works. Considering the function and long-lasting requirement, it must to be made from supreme steel. We were using “Assab Orvar Supreme 8407” for this tool.

In nowadays, there are some components manufacturer in China making standard collapse cores. This has helped us a lot to save our time. We only need to give our specific tolerance requirement before ordering and inspect the component accuracy before receiving the components. By doing in this way, our total tooling cycle time can be 10-15% faster than machining by ourselves. It’s easy to obtain components and supports from suppliers to help us saving us tooling time. This is the advantage of being located in the Chinese famous mold town.

We have been keeping our pace on all of new technology to make sure we can provide our customers the best quality and service at the most reasonable cost! We share all the new technology with customers and it makes our relationship more like partnership rather than just customers and suppliers.

We would like to have opportunity to establish more partnership with more friends world widely! Welcome to contact us to discuss more technology issues!

How important a quality mold is for plastic injection molding mass production?

By using plastic injection molds, we can repeatedly produce products of complex structures and shapes. It also has the advantages of high production efficiency, highly uniformed parts in shape and size, high precision of parts, and low batch costs. Therefore, molds have become an important technology for high-efficiency and low-cost production in the manufacturing industry support. The level of a country’s mold industry has become an important measure of its manufacturing level.

At the same time, the quality of the mold is also the main factor affecting the quality of the product.

As the most important molding equipment for the processing of injection molded products, the quality of injection molds is directly affecting to the quality of the products.

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