Pipe core-pulling mold

Short Description:

• Tee joint mold, Triplet mold

• Collape core or moveable core

• Special pipes

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Pipe core pulling molds ( Tee mold, Tee joint mold, Triplet mold) is one of our favorite and best good at field among all projects.

Collape core or moveable core or so called return core is widely used for pipe core pulling molds. We have very rich experience in design and building molds in this technology. For some special pipes, we have to combine many different solutions for each feature.

For more than 10years working with PLASSON, who has its biggest advantage in the field of design and making pipe connectors, DT-TotalSolutions has accumulated very considerable experience in this. Every year, we design and build pipe connector molds together, we share all new technology together so to improve our cooperation.

However, our pipe core pulling molds are not just for PLASSON and Israel, but also widely exported to north America and European countries, and has gained us good reputation. We’d warmly welcome any one who’s interesting to discuss about new technology about this field.

How important a quality mold is for plastic injection molding mass production?

The above situation is mainly caused by the fact that neither the mold company nor the injection molding company pays enough attention to the mold, nor realize the importance of the mold in the injection molding production, nor familiar with the interaction between the mold and the injection molding, nor comperhancing the relationship between mold and molding  well.

How important a quality mold is for plastic injection molding mass production?

Therefore how does the mold is affect the smooth and efficient injection molding production?

It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Selection of the injection molding machine: Because of the limitation of the parameters of the injection molding machine and the mold, there is a certain range of mold specifications that a type of injection molding machine is allowed to install. That is to say, when the mold is finished, the corresponding minimum machine has been determined. This requires injection molding companies to have the most matching injection molding machine. Otherwise, it is possible to increase the tonnage of the injection molding machine, resulting in waste of the machine.

2. Requirements for injection molding facilities: For example, 1) Mold temperature requirements may require a mold temperature controller 2) Water connector specifications, number of water channels 3) Wire connection method

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