Pipe-fitting mold with electro-fusion

Short Description:

• Material PE100

• Huge slider /second-step demold

• 6 hours dry run before shipping

• High oil temperature control

• Electro-fusion molding with cables for oil/gas/water tube

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This is a big tube part made from PE100 and the wall thickness is big. The part is used for pipe fitting with very high requirement for part strength, so we cannot split the part in the middle and can only form the part as a solid one. For parts like this feature and requirement, we have 2 critical points need to pay attention to:

1)Part dimension and deformation control

2)Part ejecting out

Inside the part there is no ribs or any other feature that can support the pipe, for part in this shape and size it is very likely to have serious deformation issue. We had to focus on the cooling system and injection system as well to make sure flow full with no short shot and minimized deformation.

In injection system we had made very sufficient mold-flow analysis before starting building this tool to find the best injecting location and gate size. This is not just for full flow but also very critical for preventing part deformation. Our mold-flow experts and plastic molding experts has contributed great idea from the beginning till finish.

In cooling system we have input cooling channels through all cavity, core, inserts and plates any one that can be made. It’s a team effort that enabled us accomplished the job.

For part ejecting, from the video you can clearly find out that we have to use second-step pulling the core out before take out part. Considering this part size, it is quite a challenge for this mechanism as the pulling-out movement distance is quite long, say half of the part size. We are using AHP cylinders to drive the pulling-out action. Spare parts were made for this mechanism just in case for long term mass production.

To make sure this mold function has no issue for running stably and continuously for thousands of parts production, we had made 6 hours dry run before mold shipping. All the mold testing videos and pictures with setting parameters are all sent together to customer so they can check it when setting the tool for production.

It was quite an extraordinary project we worked together with our customers that helped firming up our partnership relationship. We love our work with great passion, and this is where our passion for work comes from!

Contact us, work with us, you will love this passionate team!

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