Special tunnel mold in PPS

Short Description:

• Rotating demolding mechanism

• High temperature PPS material

• Melting temperature 300-330℃

• Sufficient cooling channels

• Special curve shape slider

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This is a part made from PPS which needs very high temperature during molding and high temperature on mold;

But to ensure part dimension, it is important to have the cooling enough so that to minimize part deformation.

The third challenge for this part is the how to demold the part which the feature is very special to be ejected in normal solution.

From the video you can clearly see how the demolding mechanism on this mold is functioning. We mechanically push the curved tube shape core up before ejecting the part out. This is quite an old school solution for such a unique part, and we think it’s a genius idea for such shape of feature. We consulted some mold experts and we finally figured out this solution which we highly appreciated for all the help from our team workers, partners and friends in the field.

Back to topic about PPS plastic material itself. This is a engineering material which need a melting temperature between 300-330℃ when doing injection molding. This requires high temperature for melting screw bar on molding machine and also makes the cavity and core in mold at very high temperature. So to make sure part with minimum deformation, it is very critical to have sufficient cooling in the mold. We have designed sufficient cooling channels that everywhere can apply to like cavity, core, inserts and plates. This was a typical mold we built years ago while 3D printing inserts technology was not so developed as now, otherwise we would try to use this technology on it at least it is worthy to try.

To test this tool we used special screw bars that can sustain high-temperature, and having our molding expert to set correct molding parameters for this tool. Thanks to all the detailed well controlling all through out the whole tooling process, our first trial went on quite successful. We can’t thank enough for our customer’s help and support for this project. This is how our partnership relationship between customers formed, that is projects to projects through years of cooperation!

We look forward to take more challenges together with you! If you have interesting projects need someone with heavy technique background to help you fulfill, please feel free to contact us at any time! DT-TotalSolutions team will be always at your side!

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