DC-AC In-mold implant machine

Short Description:

This is an automation inputting metal inserts for DC-AC Plug insert-molding.

The machine is connected to the rotating working table of vertical injection molding machine. In this molding processing, there are 2 cores and 1 cavity. While molding on core with cavity, the other core will be automatically inserted the metal pins by this automation machine.

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A 4-axis Yamaha robotic is used for this automation machine. The working processing for this machine is like below:

1) Automatically insert the metal pins firmly in precise position.

2) Rotate the working table to vertical injection molding.

3) Automatically take out the molded plug and discharge the runner.

The 1st and the 3rd step has CCD checking system to check the positioning, molded part quality in appearance and functioning.

This automation machine has greatly shortened total molding cycle time to be only half of normal molding method, and saved part quality inspection time and labor cost.


2021FA factory automation industry development prospects and investment trend forecast

Emerging areas that may accelerate after the epidemic are gradually expanding. For example, smart factories, smart logistics, smart transportation, smart cities, medicine/medical equipment, smart hospitals, smart agriculture, smart buildings/security, new infrastructure, etc. will all face new opportunities . For the automation market, the current power of emerging industries is not enough to leverage the automation market in the short term, and the long-term potential is huge.

The digital application and intelligent development of effective die casting production, as the theme of the 2020 China Die Casting Exhibition and China Nonferrous Metals Exhibition, will surely lead the new trend of the future development of the industry.


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