Electrostatic adsorption transferring wafter machine

Short Description:

This is an automation machine for moving wafer automatically.

Before moving the wafers, it will automatically sort up the wafer to be layout piece to piece by vibrating driven by voice coil motor. The vibrating frequency can be strictly set up to prevent wafer getting out of the plate.

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After sorting up, the wafers will be transferred precisely by static adsorption.

No hand will be needed to touch the wafers, all the procedures will be fully automatically operated.


2021FA factory automation industry development prospects and investment trend forecast

“Yiheda”, a one-stop supplier of FA factory automation components, was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Growth Enterprise Market on July 23. On the day of listing, Yiheda opened 713% higher. As of 10:45 in the morning of the same day, Yiheda reported at 113.36 yuan per share, an increase of 701.7% compared with the issue price of 14.14 yuan per share, and the company’s market value was approximately 45.2 billion yuan. Yiheda has been deeply involved in the automation equipment industry, relying on application scenarios, and further standardized design and classified selection of automation equipment components.

As of the end of 2020, Yiheda has developed a FA factory automation parts product system covering 176 major categories, 1404 subcategories, and more than 900,000 SKUs, and compiled it into a product catalog manual. At present, the main FA factory automation components and related products provided by Yiheda include: linear motion parts, industrial frame structure parts, transmission parts, pneumatic components, aluminum profiles and accessories, machining parts, electrical and electronic products, and small machinery. Product categories such as parts.

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