Car light parts

Short Description:

• Only be machined by CNC milling

• High-end car light parts

• 3 or 5- axis machining center

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Designing and building molds for car light can be a challenge job for most of tool makers. However this is within our capability.

For car light molds, CNC machining is essential as most of interior features can only be machined by CNC milling, EDM machining are not allowed. So this has high requirement for CNC machining center.

For some high-end car light parts, 5-axis machining center is a must. We have Makino 5-axis machining center which enable us to take this challenge. For more than 10years, we have accumulated considerable experience in designing and building car light molds.

By specially programming CNC processing, we can also achieve good machining result by using 3-axis machining center as well. But the machine requires to be have considerable speed and can operate consistently with tight tolerance. Of course using correct proper blades is also a must. By doing this way, we can do machining job faster and more economic while quality and lead time is both well guaranteed.

We have been in-directly providing car light tools to Hella who’s one of leader in car lights. Car lights from tools we built are used in VW, FIAT, TOYOTA cars.

Welcome to contact us to discuss more details about car light tools designing and building.

How plastic injection molding is contributing to fight against the COVID-19 breakout

1.During the beginning of the COVID-19 breakout, plastic injection industry is considered as essential manufacturer to fight against the virus spreading.

During this time, millions of PPES were produced and delivered to the front workers, hospitals and doctors...For example, protective eyepieces and face shields are required. In traditional concept, the lenses are usually made from glass. But in fact, with the improvement of plastic injection technology, almost all lenses, including spectacle lenses, are made of polymer materials. The most common ones are PC, PMMA, etc., Polymer lens, which are greatly helpful for saving our heros/heroines because it light, not fragile, easy to form, high efficiency, and can be made into a special-shaped structure.

And countless of disposable consumerables of sample collecting have been produced since the day the COVID-19 breakout. Due to the epidemic, requirements for sanitory products like dispensors and pumps are crazily increased. As it is the best way prevent being affected from the COVID-19 by keeping us and our enviroments well & properly sanitized.

Car light parts

Besides above plastic injection products, millions of plastic products for drug delivery equipments were manufactured. In nowadays, almost all disposable infusion equipments and injection syringes we use are made of polymer materials. The infusion tube used to be mainly made of PVC material, but now a considerable part of it is made of TPE material. While for injection syringe, PVC and PP are used with huge quantity.

Car light parts-2

In China during the COVID-19 breaking out time, PCR companies worked overtime during the Spring Festival to develop new nucleic acid detection kits, mask manufacturers resumed work ahead of schedule, many public hospitals opened online consultation channels, medical robots rushed to the frontline of epidemic prevention, and the demand for home medical products increased sharply. Many innovative medical products and technologies, such as virus isolation beds, isolation chambers and other products have appeared in the public's view due to the rapid acquisition of registration certificates. 

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