TPU chain-belt

Short Description:


• 55-shore TPU mold

• Very adequate venting

• In various shore hardness

• PEI, PPS, PEEK, plastics

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This was a very interesting project we had done. And it was quite fun to finish it successfully.

The part was made from 55-Shore TPU. For this plastic material, part sticking issue is an issue; for this shape, part deformation is also a big challenge to conquer.

Inside the part, there are deep ribs which need very adequate venting to ensure full run and avoid burning. Lots of sub inserts are required for better filling and better venting. Considering the part function, the ribs dimension and strength must be both ensured.

As this part has requirement of strength, so when we split the part, it must be done very carefully. All the inserts lines must be perfectly fitted, and make sure this chain belt function properly!

To achieve above requirements, we have designed 4-gates in cold runner for this part injection. Based on sufficient mold flow analysis, the injection flow shows perfectly as what we prospected from the beginning. It was a great joy when seeing this result.

Because the part is in soft TPU, when doing FAI on the samples it was not so easy. In traditional method, we need projector and fixtures to fix the part in position to measure it. But now, by the help of our specially designed CCD checking system, we can automatically check it after part cooling down and shape stabled. This has great helped us to do quality control. The system was shipped together to customer which has turned out to be significantly improved production quality and efficiency!

When designing and building a project for our customers, we do always thinking like it is for ourselves to use it, and think about how to improve the production efficiency while quality are ensured at the same time. This is why we always give our customers our best proposals with solutions.

We would like to hear from you if you have any projects with special plastics like TPU & TPE in various shore hardness, PEI, PPS, PEEK, plastics with super high rate glass fiber, etc..

Contact DT Team, we will be your right partner to straight forward to succeed in your project!s

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