Automotive central control parts

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• Central control console molds

• Automotive industry

• Providing local technology support

• Long strike sliders and lifters

• Tier-1 customers, 2nd market customers

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DT-TotalSolutions can help you to develop your central control console molds at short delivery lead time and economically.

Most of tools we built for Automotive industry, we will make small pilot production for customers to do test and SOP before shipping. This can greatly guarantee our tool function stably and continuously!

Our customers are mostly from Europe and USA, we have our local partner providing local technology support, engineering support, tool modification…

Automotive central contral console molds are usually big and complex with many sliders and lifters. Some may need long strike sliders and lifters at same time. This requires considerable tooling capability, machining capability and very skillful bench work staff. Each procedure must be doing their job precisely and in time. Any mistake can cause big lost both both timely and economically, as most of cases welding is not allowed, and new components will need to remake instead.

Every year, automative companies has new models and thousands of new consoles are needed. We both make tools for Tier-1 customers and for 2nd market customers, but mostly are for the Tier-1 and Tier-2.

As long as molds are within 25Ton, we shall be able to help you carry out. Feel free to contact us for further communication!


Challenges we have been facing up since the Epidemic

Due to epidemic, medical and health companies may usher in new developments. In addition to the current shortage of medical protective equipment, many devices are also in short supply. According to the “Investor Relations Activity Record Sheet” of a Chinese public listed medical device manufacturer in Shenzhen called “Mindray Medical”, that during the epidemic, the company’s product demand exploded, orders doubled, short-term supply pressure, and its ventilators, monitors, infusion pumps, and mobile DR required for diagnostic screening Demand has shown explosive growth over the same period in previous years. Mindray Medical also provided portable ultrasound, in vitro diagnostic blood cell analyzers and CRP during the epidemic.

Another Chinese medical device maker called “Yuyue Medical” also recently issued an announcement stating that the company’s disinfection control, temperature measurement, blood oximeter and mask products are completely out of stock. Its ventilators, nebulizers and oxygen generators are required for the treatment of pneumonia patients. Demand is also constantly increasing.

Besides above, the demand for home diagnostic and monitoring medical equipment and wearable medical equipment, such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, oximeters, electronic stethoscopes, and smart bracelets, is soaring.

This means the production capacity for medical devices is still facing up big challenge because we are racing with the virus, with death to save more lives! Considering this, the more required medical devices are produced, the more lives we can save globally.


Potential opportunities we will have after epidemic

After this epidemic, we trust people will pay more and more attention to health. Various types of chronic disease management systems and health science education software based on home diagnosis and monitoring equipment will have a large market in the future. Household products such as health care, preventive care, and medical-physical integration will also increasingly become people’s solid needs.


What DT-TotalSolutions can do and doing undering this circumstance

DT team has helped our foreign customers sourcing PPE products and anything from China that can support our customers when COVID-19 was breaking out abroad.

By the end of 2020, DT team has been working with our Israeli colleagues to design and manufacturing more medical devices / products like ventilators, monitors, laboratory products and injection syringes.

Now we have helped our European customers to establish their new plant for producing safety syringes. We helped them design and built all the related plastic injection molds, order customized injection molding machines, design and build their first automation line for syringe assembly which can produce about 180pcs of assembled syringe per minute. There are more syringes projects of total-solution service package we are going to provide for the same customer. Helping our customers succeeding is our solid goal!

DT team will keep improving from designing to manufacturing, provide better service and post-service to our customers globally! It’s exactlly what we can professionaly do and do well, therefor to contribute ourselves to fight against this pandemic and fight for human health!

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