CCD detector machine for parts

Short Description:

Advantages of this auto-taping machine:

• The drive system of cam and divider is stable and reliable.

• The fault detection is perfect, and the alarm is clear at a glance.

• Precise empty material detection and parts counting

• Optional light source is available for different requirements by providing a complete solution

• Optional Pixels and viewing area is available for different parts size by providing a complete solution

• Comfortable and flexible operation screen

• It can detect the aberration, bubble, melt line and flash

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This is a standard CCD detector machine.

Working Procedure of this CCD detector machine is as below:

1) Automatically upload components though Centrifugal vibrating plate

2) Automatically array component and keep the same distance

3) Automatically check the dimensions of Pins and the distance of pin to pin; Also it can use the different light source base on the color of component such as white light, green light and infrared light etc. The result of measure will be shown to screen.

4) If there are not any parts or any size error; The Discharge mechanism will expel from them at any moment.

5) The operating screen will display the all of data.

6) There are four Cylindrical container to put bags and the discharge port can convey parts into the bags.

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