Multifunctional entrance guard gate

Short Description:

• With fault self-check and alarm prompt function

• Automatic reset function

• Light indication

• Fire protection input

• Alarm prompt function

• Adjustable speed

• Anti-reverse function

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Basic parameters

—-Size: 1200 length * 200 width * 980 height mm (length and height can be customized);

—-Material: 304 stainless steel;

—-Power input: AC220V, 50Hz;

—-Drive mode: DC24V brushless DC motor;

—-Movement: Self-developed unique movement structure design, the door can withstand frequent accidental impacts without damaging the movement,> 5 million trouble-free operation;

—-Infrared: Standard 4 pairs of brand infrared, dot matrix distribution and design to avoid direct sunlight, try to avoid misjudgment by sunlight interference (can be customized to increase the number of infrared);

—-Waterproof: The equipment has a waterproof and dust proof design, which can be used indoors and outdoors;

—-Channel width: standard channel width 600mm, (channel width can be customized 550-1000mm);

—-Opening time: <0.8 seconds (channel widened or affected);

—-Input mode: switch signal;

—-The door can be opened and closed remotely;

—-Passing speed: about 35-40 people/min (infrared mode);

—-Warranty time: The core and motor are guaranteed for three years under non-human damage, and the electronic parts of the main control board, such as infrared, power supply, and air circuit breaker, are guaranteed for two year;


1: With fault self-check and alarm prompt function, it is convenient for users to maintain and use.

2: It can be connected to any control signal or button or remote control output by any control device to realize single and two-way control.

3: Automatic reset function: every time it swings 90 degrees and detects the passage of people and objects, it will automatically reset, or if it does not pass within a specified time (the delay is multi-stage adjustable), the system will automatically cancel the permission of this pass And return to the initial position.

4: Light indication: high-brightness traffic light status indication, guide traffic.

5: Fire protection input: It can be connected with the fire alarm signal to realize constant power down and always open.

6: Alarm prompt function: When illegal passage or gate rushing, an alarm prompt will be issued automatically.

7: Adjustable speed: The opening and closing speed of the swing arm is adjustable in multiple levels, and the user can set it according to actual needs.

8: A new generation of industrial-grade ARM control system, with additional functions such as multifunctional digital settings, encryption and reset.

9: Anti-reverse function: During the resetting process of the swing arm, if an external force reverses the swing arm, the swing arm will automatically start the reverse thrust and give an alarm. After the external force disappears, it will automatically return to the zero position to resume traffic.

10: Automatic protection function: When the external force prevents the swing arm from moving normally, and the external force is continuous, the system will automatically detect the automatic protection and enter the dormant state after 20 seconds. When the next legal signal is input, the gate will automatically return to normal.

11: Multilevel anti-collision buffer function: When illegally passing or rushing, the brake lever buffers the corresponding angle and starts the instant reverse thrust, and starts the alarm at the same time, which greatly reduces the occurrence of frequent or continuous collisions while realizing humanized damage prevention. Mechanical damage.

12: Unattended: The swing arm automatically opens normally when power is off, and resets automatically when power on (blocking traffic).

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