Special-shaped silicone inspection machine

Short Description:

For silicone soft parts in special geometry, it is very difficult to check and inspect the dimension. If it is high requirement in appearance, it is also difficult to check one by one manually. Here is the machine to check and inspect silicone parts of special geometry, shape and appearance.

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Silicone parts are taken by 4-axis robot, insert to the working station and check by CCD system. After checking and inspecting, the parts will be released and discharged accordingly. For good parts, it will be released by putting into containers or working lines for good parts; for NG parts, it will be discharged to recycle container accordingly.


Industrial automation industry has great potential for development

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From a global perspective, the manufacturing industry of industrial automatic control system devices is an emerging direction that will benefit from future development. The industrial automation control system has obvious effects of improving efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption, saving labor costs, and promoting industrial upgrading, and has great potential for future development.

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