Full automation taping machine oem

Short Description:

This is a full automation taping machine. Working Procedure of this automation taping machine is as below:

1) Automatically upload the empty braid tape

2) Automatically upload the components and material that to be assembled into the braid

3) Automatically checking and inspecting the quality of the material to be assembled into the braid, such as appearance, weaving stitching, function…

4) Automatically put the material / components into the braid

5) Automatically sealing the braid with components / material by heating

6) Automatically winding up the braid after releasing

Each step has CCD system to monitoring the quality.

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Advantages of this auto-taping machine:

● The drive system of cam and divider is stable and reliable.

● The fault detection design is perfect, and the alarm is clear at a glance.

● The frequency converter has stepless speed change and automatically increases or decreases the speed by tracking the feeding condition.

● PLC electronic control system, accurate and stable, with low failure rate.

● The height of the braid is adjustable, which is flexible and convenient.

● Precise empty material detection and parts counting

● Optional equipment is available for different requirements by providing a complete solution.

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