Lamp cover in double-shot parts

Short Description:

Lamp cover parts

• Double-shot/2k mold

• High speed CNC milling

• Hot runner system

• Provide more punctuate service

• CCD checking system

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This lamp cover shown in picture is formed by 2-shot mold with two plastic material in 2K molding machine.

High speed CNC milling is key essential to make this kind of tool, as EDM is not allowed for secondary processing. Steel for core and cavity must be suitable for lens cover, usually we propose to use S136 Harden steel or equivalent European standard steel.

For this tool, it is not just a simple lamp cover tool but also a double injection mold which needs to consider 2 injection systems. We propose to use Synventive hot runner system for better function, but this is good to discuss if customers have different option. For example, YUDO hot runner is located in same town as us. They can provide more punctuate service than other hot runner brands. However we always propose the best suggestion based on each project and customers’ need.

By using the vision technology provided by our vision-technology department, we installed CCD checking system in this mold. By doing so, any user can inspect and overview the tool running situation tensely. This is greatly helpful for end users who operating this tool to overview even throughout light-off production condition.

Besides design and building CCD Checking system in OEM term, we have also made CCD Checking system in standard form which fits for many similar situations in injection molding. Feel free to contact us for further information!

To make sure the mold works perfectly fit customer’s machine, we always require the related 2K injection molding machine at the very beginning of the project. For some cases, we also send local technologist to discuss with customer face to face to avoid any misunderstand and improve better technical communication. Also our technologist in China, can directly communicate in English in 7days*24hours whenever needed.

We are a team always putting ourselves into customers’ shoes not just in saying but more in acting.

Trust us, you will be free of any frustration by working with DT-TotalSolutions.

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