Injector for dental

Short Description:


• Tight tolerance,precision machining

• Super good cooling

• Better flow and venting,

• Used porous steel

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This is an injector for dental clinic use. It is relatively much easier than the syringe we made for BD.

Totally there are 4 tools for this injector: mainbody, push head, 2 pin connector accessories.

All the parts has very tight tolerance, and required very precision machining to ensure. Our general tolerance for this project is +/-0.02mm, for some special area we need to control it to be +/-0.01mm or even +/-0.005mm. This is maximally make sure part dimension and assembly function.

Another challenge for this project is that all the tools are in multi-cavity. We need to make sure all parts compatible in same precision level, minimize any part deformation which requires super good cooling, all the injection flow must be in balance and ejecting also must be consistently stable for long-term mass production with millions of parts.

For better flow and venting, we had made the tools in sub-inserts as much as we can, and for some inserts we used porous steel instead; detailed mold flow analysis on plastic flow and part deformation are made for reference of designing and molding.

For better cooling, we had designed very sufficient cooling channels, for some essential parts we also used 3D printing inserts.

From every procedure, we made strict control plan and implemented strictly as per we planned. All the inserts from every step are fully inspected to make sure all in required tolerance.

The parts are small and high requirement in dimension, but to inspect them one by one will take too much time. So we designed and built CCD checking system for part quality inspection. The system is connected to machine during molding, when mold open the system will automatically sensing the plastic parts quality in aspects of color, dimension, if it is NG there will be signal sending to the molding machine and stop molding for more NG parts and an alarm will be triggered so technicians will be called for. This is greatly helpful for millions of parts production stably in year after year with very limited manpower required.

DT-TotalSolutions team always looking forward to have opportunity to provide you the best solution for your project.

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