work-tool housing in 2k mold custom mold

Short Description:

Two shot/2k parts

• Electrical working drill tool

• 2-shot injection

• Over-molding solution

• Soft plastic sealing perfect

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In the picture shows a plastic housing for electrical working drill tool. They were formed by 2-shot injection with 2 different components in different plastic material.

One is PC/ABS and the soft plastic is TPU. Plastic adhesiveness between each other is critical for the final part quality, and the sealing between 2 plastics must be perfect.

We have been in-directly exporting similar 2k molds of Bosch projects for European customers.

For some cases if customers’ budget is too tight or if the volume is not big, we would propose to form the parts by traditional over-molding solution. That means for each part, there will be 2 molds with one for the stiff part and one for the soft part. After injecting the stiff part, put it into the soft part cavity and over-molding the soft plastic onto the stiff part and take out the final part after mold open. In this over-molding solution, both stiff part mold and the soft part mold need to be top quality and the fitting to each other must be perfect to make sure soft plastic sealing perfect. Usually the stiff part mold should be yielded firstly and put the part onto soft plastic part mold cavity / core for better fitting. In this way, it can maximally avoid soft plastic leaking during over-molding. This is why when we talk about over-molding solution, both the stiff part and the soft part are to be designed and built by same maker.

No matter in 2K solution or in overmolding solution, DT-TotalSolutions will provide you the most suitable option exactly fitting for your needs!

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